About UU

UU is a privatepaste service.

It name comes for the well known glue brand UHU.

It was designed after I started looking for such a tool and didn't find it. Thus, it has some interesting features.

UU automatically performs some syntax highlighting on the text you paste in it.

The pasted text is encrypted on the client using a generated key that is known only by the browser.

The encrypted text is sent to the server and the server has no way to recover the encryption key.

The paste expire after a given amount of time.

You can paste any code or upload images and UU will generate a private url with a client-side only password that is never seen by the server.

The paste is encrypted on the server and cannot be read without the key you have in the url

The images or attachments you upload are not encrypted and clearly linked in the database server-side.This could change someday.

No javascript tracker, almost no log on the server, the service runs on a server that is not subject to any DMCA law (at least in the American sense).

The server offer absolutely no warranty. I can delete, stop, start, modify it at any time. However, I cannot read your pastes.

This version is the third version after a ruby and Go version. This one runs on nodejs and was probably the fastest I developed of the three.

UU is open source and can be downloaded from GitHub.

CLI Upload

curl -i -H "expire:60" -F name=upload -F filedata=@some-file.txt http://uu.zoy.fr/
# or
curl -X POST -dtext="Hello World" -dexpire=60 -XPOST http://uu.zoy.fr/